Carlisle/Wortman chosen as Aerotropolis planner

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (September 13, 2012) Carlisle/Wortman Associates is one of five professional planning firms chosen by the Aerotropolis Development Corporation (ADC) to help the agency market potential development and redevelopment sites and properties throughout the Aerotropolis region.

“Carlisle Wortman brings a wealth of knowledge about the Aerotropolis area and awareness of the shared vision of the ADC partners; early in the planning process the firm participated in the development of the ADC’s governance and technical-assistance aspects ,” said Bryce Kelley, Interim ADC  Administrator, Wayne County EDGE.

This project will help the ADC create a marketing portfolio of prime sites located in the district for site selection professionals, industry decision-makers and investors.

The ADC is a public-private economic development agency with the ability to work directly with businesses interested in locating within the area surrounding I-94 and I-275, between Detroit Metropolitan Airport and Willow Run Airport, in Wayne and Washtenaw counties.

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